• MRA Black Nitride Steel Gas Tube

    MRA Black Nitride Steel Gas Tube are constructed of US Mil - Spec 304 Stainless Steel then Black Nitride treated and are offered in a variety of lengths to suit your specific application.
  • AR-15 Pincer Gas Block

    MRA AR-15 / AR-10 Pincer Gas Block

    The MRA AR-15 / AR-10 Pincer Gas Block is a low profile, lightweight gas block that securely mounts to the barrels gas journal using 3 screws set perpendicular to the bore line.  This provides 360 degrees of force around the barrels gas journal ensuring a secure fit.
  • MRA V1 M-LOK AR-15 Handguard

    From: $269.95
    The MRA V1 M-LOK AR-15 Handguard is a precision machined, lightweight, free-float handguard for the AR-15 series and similar firearms. The extruded 6061-T6 body of the handguard has been CNC milled to dramatically reduce weight, facilitate air cooling of the barrel yet maintain considerable structural integrity.
  • Stainless Steel Gas Tube

    Maple Ridge Armoury Gas Tubes are constructed of US Mil - Spec 304 Stainless Steel and are offered in a variety of lengths to suit your specific application .
    • 6.75 ” Pistol Length
    • 9. 75 ” Carbine Length
    • 11. 75 ” Mid - Length
    • 15.125 ” Rifle Length
    • Includes pin for gas block
  • The Renegade Barrel Torque Rod simplifies assembly of your MRA Renegade rifle. The rod is secured in a vice and fed through the receiver to engage the barrel extension while you are assembling with your barrel nut and or muzzle device.
  • Rock-Solid Muzzle Brake

    MRA Rock-Solid Muzzle Brake

    The MRA Rock-Solid Muzzle Brake is an extremely effective, premium quality muzzle brake. Combining 6 upward ports with 3 baffles using angled impact faces presents massive reduction in recoil and the perfect amount of muzzle rise mitigation keeping the firearm absolutely level during the course of fire.
  • MRA Promo Logo Sticker

    Sig Cross Rifle Package

    Estimated Retail Value $3500

    1x Sig Sauer Cross Rifle 18.5" 6.5 Creedmoor x1 MDT Picatinny Rail 1x MRA Defiant Muzzle Break 1x Harris Bi-Pod 1X $1,000.00 Gift Certificate towards an optic, rings, and bases.   Draw Details Every MRA Sticker purchase will get you a FREE entry into the draw! Draw runs until the total number of stickers reaches zero (0). The draw will take place after the total number of stickers reaches zero (0). PARTICIPATION REQUIREMENTS: By entering into this contest, you must have a valid firearms license: Possession and Acquisition License (PAL).   MRA Logo Stickers With the entries you purchase, you can either pick up the stickers in-store, we can mail them out to you, or if you decide you don't want them, you can choose to donate them.
    Contest - Rules, Terms & Conditions
      NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO PARTICIPATE To participate in the Contest without making an Eligible Purchase, please review our Contest - Rules, Terms & Conditions document above.

    150  Stickers Available Overall

  • Hit your target and train harder with the proven line of Federal American Eagle 9mm 147gr handgun ammunition. It provides performance similar to self-defense and competition loads for a familiar feel and realistic practice.
    • Clean-burning powders
    • Federal primers and brass
    • Wide selection of bullet styles to suit target practice


    • Caliber: 9mm Luger
    • Bullet Weight: 147gr
    • Bullet Style: Full Metal Jacket
    • Muzzle Velocity: 1000
    • Package Quantity: 50
    • Usage: Target Shooting
  • MRA V2 M-LOK AR-15 Handguard

    MRA V2 M-LOK AR-15 Handguard

    From: $279.95
    The MRA V2 M-LOK AR-15 Handguard is a precision machined, lightweight, free-float handguard for the AR-15 series and similar firearms. Includes: Barrel Nut, Screws, Crowfoot Wrench, Rail Lock, and Allen Key for assembly Lifetime Warranty, Made in Canada.  
  • Our pre - hardened stainless - steel firing pins are a high - quality component for the AR - 15 or AR-10 and made to strict military specifications. This firing pin will provide excellent fit and reliable function in your AR series rifle.
  • SOLD AS A SET OF 2 Coupling Magazines Includes x2 10/10 rd Coupling .223/5.56 Pistol Capacity Magazines. Floor Plate Design allows for 4 different magazine orientations. Transparent magazines allow for a quick capacity check of your ammunition.
  • MRA Defiant Muzzle Brake MRA Defiant Muzzle Brake

    MRA Defiant Muzzle Brake

    The Defiant Brake is a compact muzzle brake with large baffles and slightly angled impact faces designed to dramatically reduce recoil.  The parallelogram - shaped baffles are located slightly above the center-line to provide a larger surface area on the bottom side creating down-force to reduce muzzle rise.
  • MRA Renegade Rifle Mk 2 - with Thread Protector MRA Renegade Rifle Mk 2 - Thread Protector
    The MRA Renegade is a novel, spring assisted, straight pull, magazine fed firearm design.  It is composed of a proprietary receiver, bottom metal, and proprietary bolt carrier with integrated, swap-able left or right hand charging handle.


    • Calibre: 223 Wylde
    • Barrel Lengths: 12.5", 16", 19"
    • Barrel Profile: Full Profile Non-Fluted Barrel
    • Barrel Finish: Black Nitride
    • Handguard Length: 11.5", 15", 17"
    • Handguard Profile: R1 M-LOK Handguard
    • Receiver and Bottom Metal Material:  High quality, domestically sourced 6061-T6 alloy
    • Receiver and Bottom Metal Finish:  Hard Black Anodizing
    • Bolt Carrier Material:  HTSR 4140 steel
    • Bolt Carrier Finish:  QPQ Black Nitride
    • Muzzle Device: Threaded Muzzle Protector
    • Trigger: Mil-Spec Trigger Assembly
    • Furniture:
      • Magpul K-Grip
      • Magpul MOE Buttstock
    • Weight: (Without Magazine)
      • 12.5" Barrel: 5 lbs 9.2 oz
      • 16" Barrel:  6 lbs 3 oz
      • 19" Barrel:  6 lbs 12 oz
    • Overall Length Fully Assembled: (Collapsed Stock)
      • 12.5" Barrel: 27.75"
      • 16" Barrel: 31.25"
      • 19" Barrel: 34.25"


    • 1x Renegade Rifle Mk 2
    • 1x Magpul PMAG Gen2 5/30 Polymer Magazine
    • 1x Owner's Manual

    *Not Compatible with : Renegade MK I upper receivers or bottom metals

    Made in Canada (Excluding Furniture)

    This is a Non-Restricted Firearm.
  • The MRA Renegade/Maverick A2 Stock Endplate is a proprietary design and is only compatible with the Maple Ridge Armoury Renegade/Maverick Receiver. This endplate allows for the use of an A2 style fixed rifle stock without modification to the stock or endplate. Manufactured in Canada.
  • The MRA Renegade/Maverick Barrel Gas Port Seal is intended for use on any barrel drilled with a gas hole.


    • Material:  AISI 4140 Steel
    • Treatment: Black Oxide
    • Sizes: 0.625", 0.750", 0.875", 0.936"
    • Lifetime Warranty
    • 1x Gas Port Seal
    • 1x Screw


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