MRA Match 5R Nitride 223 Wylde Barrel

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Maple Ridge Armoury Match Nitride 5R barrels are precision CNC machined from premium, Canadian made, 4140 CMV steel blanks.  The blanks are honed and hand lapped and then button cut rifled with 5R rifling to provide us with the absolute best possible foundation from which to machine and assemble all Maple Ridge Armoury barrels.  More information about the features and benefits of our barrels can be found in the product description tab below.
  • Material: 4140 CMV Steel
  • Treatment: QPQ Black Nitride
  • 223 Wylde – 1/8” twist rate
  • 5R rifled, honed and hand lapped
  • 11 degree target crown
  • Precision cut chamber and gas port
  • Nickel Boron extension
  • Fluting Style: Straight
  • Gas Journal: .750″
  • Gas Length:
    • 10.5″ – Carbine Length
    • 14.5″, 16.1 – Mid-Length
    • 18.6″ – Rifle Length
  • Barrel Length: 10.5″, 14.5″, 16.1″, 18.6″
  • Weight:
    • 10.5″ – 1lb 4 oz
    • 14.5″ – 1lb 10oz
    • 16.1″ – 1lb 13oz
    • 18.6″ SPR – 2lb 2oz
    • 18.6″ Pencil – 1lb 9oz
  • Made in Canada using premium Canadian barrel blanks from International Barrels Inc.
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Maple Ridge Armoury Match Nitride 5R barrels are precision CNC machined from premium, Canadian made, 4140 CMV steel blanks.  Following bore drilling, these blanks are honed and hand lapped.  Honing can control bore dimensions down to a tolerance of 0.0001″ and the hand lapping is an added quality assurance measure to ensure a concentric and uniform bore.  The blank is then button cut with 5R rifling and completely stress relieved.  These steps ensure we have the absolute best possible blanks from which to machine our barrels.
All barrels have precision cut chambers, gas ports, and an 11 – degree target crown .  We use an SPR profile to achieve an optimal balance between harmonic resistance , heat resistance, and weight savings.  The unique deep cut fluting presents greater barrel surface area to facilitate improved air cooling while dramatically reducing weight without compromising the overall rigidity of the barrel.  The 1/8” twist rate will effectively stabilize projectiles between 55gr and 77gr and the 223 Wylde chamber will safely accept both 223 Remington and 5.56 NATO cartridges.
All Maple Ridge Armoury Match Nitride 5R barrels undergo QPQ Black Nitride heat treatment. This heat treatment provides superior corrosion, wear, and abrasion resistance while offering the greatest accuracy potential of any barrel heat treating process.  Instead of adding material to the bore (like Chrome lining), Nitride treats the existing steel by imbuing nitrogen into the steel itself.  This is done through a liquid salt – bath where the added element greatly hardens the steel a few thousand this into the material.  As a treatment, Nitride does not add any materials to the bore, rather it treats the bore as it came from the factory .  Nitride treats both the inside and the outside of the barrel and does not require any oils to provide corrosion protection.



Additional Information
Weight13 kg
Dimensions10 × 11 × 12 cm
Barrel Length

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Pencil, SPR Straight Flute, SPR Spiral Flute

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